The 'TBC' OM/Q&A Box. Luca Volpe & Paul McCaig.

  • The 'TBC' OM/Q&A Box. Luca Volpe & Paul McCaig.
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After many years of trial and error we have finally managed to produce one of the strongest Mentalism tools available but which now packs flat and plays big!

The 'TBC' is a new, innocent looking, portable version of the OM Box and much more! What the spectators see is just a normal IKEA type drawer storage box, which you show flat and openly assemble right in front of them. Members of the audience can write something on pieces of paper, which once dropped inside the box are switched in a second. But this box can do so much more!.

Use it for live solo Q&A Act, without the need of an assistant. You can, switch, add and retrieve, billets right in front of the spectator's nose, without them suspecting a thing. Imagine you can show the box empty from the beginning, they place their billets into the box, and yet, you switch them out in plain view and retrieve them at any time...When finished, just unzip it, fold it and put away in your bag or pocket! This is a dream come true, a simple everyday object is now an ingenious, powerful Mentalism tool that you will carry with you everywhere.

The 'TBC' Box will come with an identical un-gimmicked box for a two box routine, a booklet of performance ideas and handling tips, including templates of the billets which Luca uses in his shows.

What you will receive:

A made to order durable custom made gimmicked box.
Identical un-gimmicked box.
Comprehensive booklet containing exclusive routining ideas and handling tips by Luca Volpe and Paul McCaig.
Performance rights.
Templates for the style of billets Luca prefers to use in his shows.

Plastic folder to store and protect your props between performances!

Price includes Worldwide Tracked/Signed-for Delivery.

"Working 14 years on cruise ships I always wanted to do routines using an OM Box that was also good for a Q&A performance but sadly all the other boxes on the market were impossible to carry with me in my hand luggage. After playing around for years with different ideas, I came up with this simple method and design using an everyday object, which is recognized worldwide. Thanks to the clever mind of Paul McCaig, who added some very clever extra ideas, I finally saw my dream come true. I can now perform a full Q&A act as a solo performer, carrying the box in my pocket!..."

Luca Volpe.

"This is the best OM style box currently on the market. I know, because I own them all! If you're looking for such a device look no further!"
Keith Barry.

"This autumn I am doing a special show, which will feature a routine where the audience will vote for their favourite British Prime Minister. I will be using this device. Brilliant!" Dr. Todd Landman.

"Switch billets. Force a one-man Q and A routine. But you know what I like best about this box? Not the flawless design. Not the bulletproof innocent look. Those are there, of course. But what do I like the BEST? It packs FLAT and WILL play BIG! I can slip this into my case and forget about it until it’s time to put it to work". David Thiel.

"What I love about the box is its versatility. It is great for traditional Q+A and is perfect for more modern variations also. It is easy to use and practically works its self, oh it looks natural too...Its a winner!" Peter Turner.

See Luca Performing with the TBC Box during his European Lecture Tour: As each TBC Box set is individually produced by hand, please allow 10-14 days from point of order and date of despatch.

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