Lucky Coin by Luca Volpe & Paul McCaig

  • Lucky Coin by Luca Volpe & Paul McCaig
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A mysterious and unusual coin is introduced and examined by a participant. A playing card is fairly selected remembered and then lost in the deck.
The deck is then spread face-down on the table.
The performer states that he will move the coin along the spread and the participant is asked to say 'stop' at any time. The coin is placed on the chosen card and this card and the two cards either side are removed, still face-down from the spread.
The participant can choose to leave the coin on top of the chosen card or given the opportunity to change their mind and place the coin on one of the other two selected cards.
The two rejected cards are turned over to show that neither are the chosen card. The participant is asked to turn over the remaining card but to the dismay of all, this is also seen not to be the card which the participant had selected!!!
Unfazed, the performer reiterates exactly what he originally stated...something very specific in that the “card was under the coin”.
The coin is now turned over showing that the participant's chosen card is embossed on the reverse side!!

Now the 'Lucky' coin is then placed onto the participant's open palm, their fingers closed around it and the participant encouraged to close their eyes and dream of something in particular that they would like to achieve in their lifetime.
As they imagine their goal, they feel the energy being absorbed by the coin and experience the warm pulsating sensation emitting from it!!
When the time feels right, the participant is asked to open their eyes, uncurl their fingers and to look at the reverse side of the coin...To their amazement, the image of their chosen playing card has vanished and has been replaced with an embossed motivational word, which will help the participant achieve their dreams!!
Using the participant's phone, the performer takes a photo of the 'Lucky' coin bearing the motivational word as a keepsake, which can be looked at every time the participant needs the reassurance that they can definitely achieve what they desire!!

A stunning, multi-phase routine which is very versatile.
Perform all phases of the routine, or just part of it.
Very easy to do and ideal for table-hopping.
The perfect mental magic routine with an emotional touch.
Includes all of the custom-made props required (Just use your own deck of playing cards), download links to an unedited performance and in-depth instructional videos.

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