An Introduction To The Grismer Lock

The ‘Grismer Lock’ is the brainchild of American magician, the late, Ray Grismer. It is a gimmicked dial combination lock which is totally mechanical - there are no electronics involved in its working. The lock was first shown to me by Roy Johnson. (I was a pupil of his in the 1980s). The model he showed me was not of the same high quality as this new improved model. However the lock at that time was still very expensive, about £75.00 I believe, that is, if you could acquire one. They have always been very hard to track down. In fact, by the time this new model was released, some people had been waiting up to 20 years to obtain one! Although Roy showed me a very simple presentation with his lock, I was still very impressed with its possibilities, but I couldn’t obtain one at the time, or, over the ensuing years.

I always loved the lock and one day whilst discussing it with my friend, the magician and master locksmith, Mick Hanzlik, he told me that he would have a go at trying to produce one. He did so, after much hard work and what he came up with was a far superior model to the original. I sent the lock to Ray Grismer who loved it so much he granted me World Sole Manufacturing, Marketing and Distribution rights to the Grismer Lock. These rights have subsequently been passed to my good friend Paul McCaig, keeping the manufacturing under licence with Mick Hanzlik. STEVE COOK.

Our very good friend and colleague sadly passed away in October 2015 but we were pleased to announce that the 2017 version of Mick's revised model has been expertly recreated by Jordan O'Grady. We only produce a limited number of these locks every year, in order to maintain its exclusiveness (as requested by Ray). It was Ray who also set the price, which because of the difficulty in production and in order to keep the merely curious, method seekers away, is kept purposely high. A common combination lock is used (providing naturalness), and then intricately gimmicked. Each lock is guaranteed against defects for one year and comes with a beautiful (signed & numbered) A4 booklet with routines by Ray Grismer, Steve Cook and as of October 2011, an additional contribution by Richard Osterlind. This lock is a guaranteed collector’s item and will escalate in price in years to come. PAUL McCAIG.

As regards the workings of the lock itself, it is totally mechanical, there are no electronics involved or stooges, nor any set-up or reset. It can be performed in any arena, from close-up to stage. The length of the routine is up to the individual performer. I usually work a ten minute presentation with it. It has fooled everyone to whom I’ve shown it, without question, laymen or magicians/mentalists alike.

The basic presentation as follows:

A finger ring is borrowed from a spectator and placed onto the shank of a combination lock. The spectator tests the lock to make sure it is properly secured. When he’s satisfied it is, two other spectators are chosen by the original spectator to help and each selects a number. The lock is shown not to open on these numbers. The final spectator eventually (after much byplay) chooses a number, and the one before and after his number is shown and then tried by him and found not to open the lock. Finally he turns to his chosen number and the lock opens freeing his finger ring! He can handle the lock throughout the presentation - in fact he need not actually let it out of his possession!

The presentation (like all good magic), is basically all about audience management; you have complete control of the lock throughout the presentation because of this technique, which is detailed in the accompanying booklet, which also includes important extra tips and advice etc.

Those discriminating mentalists/magicians who have purchased the lock would not part with it, simply because they appreciate the strength of the effect and the rarity of the product. 


 "...Ingeniously Simple...Simply Ingenious!...". (Steve Cook - UK).

“It’s a beautiful and flawless piece of work”. (Gary Lee Williams - New York City, USA).

“Your Grismer Lock is a thing of beauty”. (George Frega - Florida, USA).

“I think it’s a real reputation maker and I’m proud to be an owner of this real gem. Thanks a lot”. (Andreas Lischke - Krefeld, Germany).

"Ray not only knew of my routine but actually wanted to market it with me. We were going to be a 'team' on this project...I feel better knowing that Mentalists who like the routine on my DVD (Live...Without A Net) will be able to get hold of the lock, complete with routine". (Richard Osterlind.

"This is a terrific piece of kit. Glad to learn that it will continue to be lovingly produced". (Doug Dyment.

"This is a piece of ART..." (James Justice - AL. USA).

"...the lock and documents/instructions are superb and first class..." (Michael Siegal. New York. USA).

"...I look forward to playing with this wonderful tool..." (Paul Vigil - Las Vegas. USA).

"My lock arrived today! I'm thrilled with it..." (Brandon Love - Ontario. Canada).

"Ray Grismer's brilliant lock creation is still the best you can buy. After all of these years at the top of lock effects, it is still on its own as the very best!". (Roger Ferriby - UK).

"The Lock is very well-made and wonderful". (NAKAGAWA Osamu - Japan).

"As an owner of a Grismer Lock, I can say that this thing is much more than meets the eye!". (Eric Samuels - Canada).  

"Hi Paul, received the lock and is fantastic! I am seriously thinking to get another one as back up next year, it is too good! This is one of the best mentalist locks ever produced! Thanks again for your customer service". (Luca Volpe - Italy).

"I just want to Sincerely say "THANK YOU" as I received my New Grismer Lock today Wednesday 1/16/13.  It is truly a work of art.  I cannot wait to put in in my show. If it were not for Richard Osterlind I would have never known about this lock.  What a Wonderful Piece of Craftsmanship this is!..(Rodney Palmer. U.S.A.).


For UK customers, the price is £147 (inclusive of recorded delivery p&p & insurance)

For other European customers, the price is £154 (inclusive of Airsure delivery, p&p & insurance)

For Worldwide customers, the price is £160 (inclusive of Airsure/International Signed-for delivery, p&p & insurance)

* Prices are subject to change, dependent on: manufacturing costs, postal charges, currency exchange rates, administration fees etc.

UK customers, please pay by cheque or by PayPal.

Countries outside the UK, please pay by PayPal only and in £Sterling only. (Other preferred payments - enquire).

Other countries and general enquiries, please contact us on +44 1427 873533 or by email


Available exclusively from:

Paul and Patricia McCaig. 3 Belton rd. Epworth. North Lincolnshire. United Kingdom.

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Currently ‘The Grismer Lock’ is made from an ABUS lock with a beautiful matt black finish and silver dial
As featured in 'Live...Without A Net' by Richard Osterlind