ESP Elite By Ian Maltby.

  • ESP Elite By Ian Maltby.


Individually made to order and limited to only 10 units EVER!!!

Please allow 21-28 days from point of order to date of despatch.

Each beautifully handmade unit comes with a 1oz. 24 carat gold plated coin, depicting the 'all-seeing eye', a numbered certificate of authenticity, a 12 months guarantee of workmanship, all securely stored in it's own aluminium travel case.

Requires one 23a 12 volt and two CR2032 button cell batteries, which due to postal security regulations are not supplied but are very easy to obtain and install.

£275.00 including Worldwide Tracked Shipping. 

Foreword and description by Mark Thorold:

Years ago I bought an electronic item from Ian titled ĎMental Visionsí (It was later put out by Magicbox in a updated guise). I can honestly say it was, and still is an item I use regularly.

Ian upgraded to a smaller sensor on the unit and offered to replace it for me free of charge, I never took him up on the offer because I was using it so frequently and it had such an impact that I didnít want to have it out of my hands for even a week. It has served me superbly, never failed and is built to withstand all sorts.

When Ian messaged me to say he had a new item he was working on and explained what it was I was sold immediately.

A month on and Iím the super proud owner of ESP Elite (The first unit made) On receipt of the parcel I more or less ripped it open , I was that eager to see. Iím seldom excited about new items but knew this was going to be delightful. The unit and accompanying bits and pieces come housed in an aluminium case to protect the equipment. On opening it I took a moment to look at the overall package. It looks exquisite and rivals some effects that are put out at 4 or 5 times the price.

Everything is seated in dark grey foam to sit snug in the case and is laid out well. The instructions are clear, easy to read and simple to understand. The unit itself is visually appealing with an old but not too weathered look to it. A rich stained wooden case, glass topped with five ESP symbols laid out on it. To compliment it a gold, all Seeing Eye coin in a protective case.

Iíll not go into details on the electronics internally but will say that I know Ian is thorough in his builds, quality of materials used, testing, retesting and the aesthetics of his work (Beautiful and bomb proof is my description) . The unit will signal solid clear transmissions to a discreet body worn receiver. Initially Ian told me he had tested it to 37 feet, which is plenty. However I ventured out with my brother and a rangefinder and can say that we achieved 103 yards (309 feet) and had to stop there due to field boundaries.

For a chap who is self-taught in the electronics arena it has to be said that Ian has excelled with this item. Iím more than delighted with it. Iíve given myself a headache running through all the possibilities for its use. Itís an affordable item (Iíd personally say Ian is selling himself short), built to last and looks the business. It has my thorough recommendations.

Mark Thorold June 2018


Ian Maltby has produced a custom prop for mentalism that you will love. Each unit is made to order. It uses electronics to cue the performer of spectators selection. The board has a vintage look.

Spectator selects one of several ESP symbols by placing a collectible looking coin on the board. The performer is alerted electronically even though he is out of sight.

A lot of possibilities could be used for reveal. The board has such a unique look, story-tellers will have fun describing how this came into their possession.

Mr.Maltby gets my highest recommendation for creating a beautiful, sturdy magic prop. I am looking forward to whatever new effect he may come up with in the future. You will not be disappointed.

Robert Trent

Oklahoma USA

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