P W 3000 Pocket Writer by Paul McCaig and Luca Volpe. SOLD OUT!

  • P W 3000 Pocket Writer by Paul McCaig and Luca Volpe. SOLD OUT!
  • £23.00
The Limited Edition P W 3000 Pocket Writer. SOLD OUT!

This compact utility device is an ideal solution to modern day requirements, when wanting to carry out secret writing during the performance.

The design enables the performer to easily locate where the wording needs to be and ensures that the writing can be perfectly aligned and straight. The billet is held securely in place and the folding and retrieval, straight into finger palm, is an absolute doddle!!.

The P W 3000 has a built in pencil holder and includes a regular stubby pencil, which can be substituted for a grease/china pencil, small 'betting-shop' type mini-pen, nail or boon writer.

Although primarily designed for pocket-writing, the P W 3000 can be used to aid other types of secret writing by mounting to a clip-board or writing pad, for example.

The P W 3000 comes complete with everything required to get you started straight away, including a few sample cards and a link to a private video tutorial by Paul McCaig from Luca Volpe.

As with all of our professional products, each P W 3000 is individually made to order, so please allow 7-10 working days from point of order, to date of despatch.

Paul and Luca's Pocket Writing tool is a simple yet devious tool to enable secret writing in your shows. The design is sleek and has a usability that enables you to get the best out of this technique.' Looch‘

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